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les mis 1920’s au: the ladies

it’s new york, prohibition, and the les amis are running an underground bootlegging business

musichetta is the vivacious flapper owner of the musain speakeasy, where she keeps the drinks flowing and the party going

cosette fauchelevent is the beautiful daughter and heiress of the mysterious and wealthy philanthropist mr. fauchelevent, with a long line of suitors trailing behind her, though she only has eyes for one

eponine is the oldest in her poor immigrant family, and in montparnasse’s borrowed clothes she finds she’s able to find herself work easier, which is how she begins to work for the les amis

i made a three page comic that i was determined to finish; i’m a sucker for destined romance and interracial couples and i think it shows

is quentin going to be mad 

we’re currently reading William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying in honors lit and i drew my friends and i as some of the characters a night ago for fun (i’m on the far right)

what a queen

i wanted to draw a hijab; this took me perhaps around an hour??


Some Founding Fathers and their darling ladies

I’m really really sorry I cannot draw John Adams at all in fact I can’t draw anyone at all accurately

I love them all with a fiery passion


i made this hamilton valentine and i’m dedicating it to nick cardiff b/c the line is from IMA's video 

i also drew this! 

shy mermaid

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